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Guitar Lessons are fun and good for the mind. Wether you want to sit by the campfire and strum or shed on your favorite guitar solo, we have the right teacher for you.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is a warm instrument that is very versatile. Acoustic guitar lessons are a great way to enjoy music and reap the benefits quickly. Learning a chord or two will get you on your way to learning songs in no time. Book a lesson today with Music Lessons Montgomery. Your friends will be shouting “Free Bird” at your next get together.

Electric Guitar

Just holding an electric guitar makes you feel like a rockstar. Plug into an amp and you instantly feel like you are at Lollapalooza. Our guitar teachers have played some awesome venues and came out of the womb holding a guitar in one hand and a bottle in the other (Not Really). If you want to shred, electric guitar is for you. Sign up today and get ready to do the duck walk.

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