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Ballroom Dance

Our ballroom dance instructors were trained by some of the finest competitors in the dance business. They competed on the national level and achieved 1st place rankings at some of the most prestigious events in the ballroom dance world. They spent most of their early career at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Downers Grove and then went on to own numerous ballrooms in the Chicago area while performing in various venues across the US. They are excited to share their extensive knowledge with the next generation.

Social Dancing

Social dancing is for a single individual or a couple that is looking to go out and have fun with friends. You want to know enough steps to look like you know what you are doing but don’t want to compete at Blackpool.

Wedding Preparation

Our Ballroom Dancers have helped hundreds of couples put together phenomenal dance routines that are doable for those looking to have a little fun at their wedding.

Competitive Dance

Competitive dance is for the person looking to travel and compete at a high level. Our ballroom dance instructors have been trained by some of the best competitors in the world and would love to pass on their experience and knowledge.