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Who Are We?

Who we are

Our Values

At Music Lessons Montgomery, we believe that you reap what you sow. If you spend a little time practicing, you will get a small result.

If you spend eight hours per day practicing, you will get massive results.

We encourage you to achieve your goals. If you want to be the best at your craft, you will have to make music your life. If you want to be able to play a few songs and and enjoy the process, we want to help you achieve that as well. No matter your goals, we support you and help you to make it happen. We are here for you.

Music Lessons Montgomery Sheet Music

People First

We believe that relationship is key to success. We want to listen to you and encourage you to work toward your goal.

Quality of work

Quality repetition is key to quality performance.


We are dedicated to your success.


We have been in the music industry for years. We have seen many different personality types and know how to cater to your learning style.

Student love

What do our students think?

“Music Lessons Montgomery is amazing. Eric has taken the time to help me learn two songs that I have wanted to play since high school.”

Jane Austin

Piano Student

“I have always wanted to learn a Charlie Parker Solo on the Saxophone. Music Lessons Montgomery has helped me achieve that goal and more!”

Jason Johnson

Saxophone Student

Music Lessons Montgomery Book

We believe that a well rounded music education is paramount to your success.

Music Lessons Montgomery integrates ear training, music theory, history and more for those interested in knowing more.

Our teachers not only went to music school, they have been performing professionally for years. Many of them have a family now and are looking to spend less time on the road. Now is the time to contact our seasoned professionals to hone your craft. Their schedules are filling up fast.

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