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Music Lessons Montgomery provides the music training that you desire

Music Score Music Lessons Montgomery

The YouTube music theory video you have been watching is over your head and you need some answers.

Music Lessons Montgomery Saxophone

You want to learn the saxophone and don’t know where to start

What makes us different?

We are an extremely eclectic group of musicians that will cater each lesson to meet your specific needs. It is not about us and our accomplishments, it is about helping you achieve your goals. Our teachers are located in different parts of Illinois. We will pair you with a teacher that is right for you in your location.


All of our teachers were trained by some of the best professors and teachers in the world.


All of our teachers have played professionally for years at some of the most prestigious venues in Chicago and abroad.


Our goal is to help you achieve your musical goals by streamlining the process to fit your learning style.

Music School

Many of our teachers have had some of the finest training in the US and abroad. We believe that education is important. We also believe that developing a relationship with our students helps to develop their character and teach life lessons that go far beyond the ability to play an instrument. We have met some of the best musicians in the world. Some of them have been men and women of integrity and some have not. We want you to become the best musician you can and grow in dedication, consistency, integrity and kindness as well.

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